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Parmeggiani is a brand that began its history in the 70s. They specialize in the creation of exquisite exotic leather goods, including bags, wallets, belts and travel accessories. Using high quality alligator, crocodile, python and ostrich leather, Parmeggiani creates magnificent pieces that are not only functional but also unique pieces of art. Each bag and accessory embodies the passion for detail and the superior craftsmanship of the brand's artisans. Parmeggiani exotic leather bags are an expression of luxury and elegance. They attract attention with their sophistication and unique style. Each product is designed with proportions, design and ergonomics in mind to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction to its wearers. The Parmeggiani brand creates not only excellent bags, but also other accessories that complement the images of its customers. Exotic leather wallets and belts add chic and luxury, emphasizing individuality and impeccable taste.